MOM’s project will be delivered in different steps through several output. Want to discover how you can contribute? Contact us!

MOM curriculum

It contains the scientific and educational background of MOM to address the training the to the target; in order to adequately respond to their needs, MOM partners will involve unemployed women/mothers to provide their feedbacks.

MOM MOOC for women

It is a free open online course where mothers can self-organize their participation according to learning goals, prior knowledge and skills, and common interests. It will contain training materials such as videos, additional resources and quizzes.

MOM MOOC for trainers

It is the open online course that will be addressed to potential MOM trainers that are interested in organizing face-to-face workshops for those women that cannot directly access the online resources.

MOM e-campus

It is the digital environment that will gather all MOM MOOCs and Open Education Resources (OER) that will reinforces a sense of community within the participants, providing a discussion area. It will have a public section and a private section (for registered users only).

Leading Organisation: Life Based Value


It is the formal certification through competence mapping and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) that will applicate ECVET (The European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training) principles and solutions to MOM’s training path.

Leading Organisation: EUROMASC – European Masters of Skilled Crafts